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Gymder Is Tinder For the Gym

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Clutch the weighted pearls! Think partner assisted pull-ups.

Having multiple people around can really open up a creative catalog of exercises: from partner resisted moves hey, stop sitting on my back during push-ups! I focus on building relationships in class because if that happens, I know participants will come back tomorrow.

Looking for a Gym Buddy?

Think of how much you could benefit from a little encouragement when dragging yourself through those three miles on the treadmill. And just like with smiling, trigger the release of hormones that make you feel good.

All these things can make sure that you stick with your workouts and wellness routine. While working out in the company of others can help take your workout to the next level, it is important to be aware of some of the dangers that come with exercising in a group setting. Many of the moves that are most easily done in classes squats , lunges , bent over rows, etc. Finding the right intensity level of a class and workout buddies is super important.

7 Ways to Find A Workout Buddy You'll Actually Like

The competitive spirit can also backfire if it encourages you to push yourself too far beyond your physical abilities. Learning the basics is also important to feeling comfortable in class: One study found working out with others in a mirrored room like most yoga studios made untrained women feel self-conscious and uncomfortable. And if it can be on the deck of an aircraft carrier in the Hudson River, even better. Want more tips like these? Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram.

Exercising With a Workout Buddy Can Improve Results

This eliminates the awkward, get-to-know-you phase, and you two can jump right into working out and challenging each other. An increasing number of websites can help match you with someone in your area who has similar goals and fitness levels. Sites like ExerciseFriends.

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However, some sites combine exercise with dating, so read the website descriptions carefully. Continuing technology advancements have opened an app market for just about everything, including apps designed to help you find a virtual workout buddy. Apps like Strava and Yog allow you to compete with others virtually and develop a network of workout buddies.

Once you finish each workout, you can upload your stats and compare your results to the other friends in your network. Most people with gym memberships go at least a couple of days each week. During your visit, if you notice someone of a similar fitness level is at the gym around the same time as you consistently, offer to spot them when lifting or strike up a general conversation about their workout.

This can help you find a workout buddy naturally and jump start a potentially beneficial relationship.