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You can order vital records for the entire U. Identify yourself.

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Click "Continue. Select "New York" and the city of birth.

You'll see a map of the U. Click on New York and "Continue.

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Enter the date of birth and reason for the getting the certificate. Give the month, date, and year of birth for the person whose birth certificate you're getting and click "Continue. Giving a reason for the certificate should ensure that you get the appropriate birth certificate for your situation. The short form provides the most basic information names, date, and parent names while the long form gives more detailed information place of parents' birth, name of hospital, etc.

Select the birth certificate and agree to VitalChek's disclaimer.

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Click on the birth certificate that appears on the next screen and click "Continue. You'll need to read the information box about ordering through the VitalChek website and press "Continue. Select how many copies you'd like and give personal information. Provide the name and gender of the person listed on the birth certificate and click "Continue. Enter your shipping address, email address and phone number. Pay the fees to order a New York state birth certificate.

Pay the fees to order a New York City birth certificate, if necessary. Use a credit card to pay the VitalChek fees. Wait 5 business days to 1 month before getting your birth certificate. The time it takes to receive the birth certificate you ordered through VitalChek will depend on whether you're getting a New York City or New York state birth certificate and whether or not you chose priority shipping through UPS Air.

Currently: If you ordered a state certificate using regular shipping, processing time is 10 to 14 business days before they're shipped.

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For priority shipping, it's 15 to 20 days. If you ordered a NYC certificate using regular shipping, processing time is 20 to 30 business days before it's shipped.

How to Apostille a New York City Birth Certificate without letter of exemplification

Method 2. Call VitalChek to place your order. To order a New York City or state birth certificate, call VitalChek's toll free number Select if you want English or Spanish and talk with a customer service representative to order the birth certificate.

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Send in the identifying documents. Even though you're applying by telephone, you'll still need to send in proof of ID or address. Ask the customer service representative about what documents you'll need to mail in or fax. Pay the processing fee. Wait 5 to 10 business days. Since your certificate is being shipped priority, you'll receive it within 5 to 10 business days. Call VitalChek if you've waited more than 2 weeks and haven't gotten the certificate or check the tracking number that came with your order.

Method 3. Ensure that you're eligible to apply. You can contact the Embassy or the nearest Consulate in the U. Addresses and telephone numbers for these offices are listed in the U. The list is available in many libraries. Look up case info. Skip to Main Content. Not Born in New York State To change the name of someone who was not born in New York State you can use any document that proves when and where the person was born.

I know that this was a while ago but do you remember if you had to request an index number and an RJI request for judicial intervention for every certified copy you requested or just one to cover all of the requests? Again… Thanks for posting such a throughout outline of your process! It has been very helpful for me! His birth certificate is sealed as he died decades ago. I understand a court needs to subpoena the record to be released. How do I facilitate the process? I am securing documents to apply for dual citizenship.

Your Comment. Name required. E-mail required. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This is what the help desk said: "In order to obtain a court order you must prepare a Petition, which outlines you were are, what the relationship is to the person whose birth record you want, along with the purpose for the record. Update 11 Jan New response from the help desk: "As previously stated, the Petition, any supporting documentation and proposed order need to be submitted to the Chief Clerk's Office of Supreme Court in the county where your grandfather was born.

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