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One day soon I'll get the clue to finding her. John L. Searching for information on John L. Roberts m. John Roberts was born - Magery in Children wer Hosea's and Amy children a Thanks Linda Long McCauley bofus aol. Re: chapel hill cemetary in shallotte?

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Agnus jane robinson, 2 Sr and jr. Hemmingways were from Horry County, South Carolina. I have a copy of Mary's will, which can Although I cannot help you with crew members, I do have a certain amount of information on what was the Hewett fishing fleet started in Barking in Hi Wanda, Once of my direct line ancestors was Melvin Hewett , b.

Any info on this line would be appreciated. Doug Hewitt dchewitt excite. Can anyone tell me where would I find the crew lists for the fishing vessels belonging to Hewett and Co. My ancestors were residing in Barking in and were fishermen who moved to Grimsby.

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Re: kool site? I hope you will all visit and join this site, we could make a network like to help each other, for instance, i live in columbus county, i could look up info at the library or register of deeds for som Had a brother named Perry Hewett. Lewis H. Hewett and Ellen Inman Hewett were my grandparents. Their youngest son, Wanice Harold Hewett , is my father. There is a Lewis H. Hewett buried in the Mintz Cemetery in Brunswick, Co. He was born His wife is Ellen Hewett born I thought he was son of Llewellyn Hewett but I am not sure.

Go to Alta Vista and I have a family photo of Samuel Edward Phelps family taken circa whi My grgrgrandmother Martha Stewart married? Aged Marylebone, and stealing two pairs of boots, value 10s. I am a shoemaker , and live in Knutford-place. In August I lived at No. On the 1st of August I went to bed about eleven o'clock - I locked the shop door, and put the key into my pocket; that door opens into the street - there is no communication between the shop and my bed-room; I get to the bed-room by a private door from the street; there is no door from the shop into the house or passage; the only door to the shop is from See original the street - it is under the same roof; my bed-room is over the shop.

I was alarmed about one o'clock by the Policeman's rattle springing - I went down, and found the prisoner in the hands of the Policeman, with five pairs of shoes and boots, which were my property: the shop door was open - the lock was not broken at all; I saw three pairs of shoes and two pairs of boots in the Policeman's hands - they are nine; I am certain I left them in the shop that night - I examined, and missed a considerable deal more boots and shoes.

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On the 2nd of August, about one o'clock in the morning, as I came home, I was about opening the private door, and saw a man standing at the shop doorhe ran away very fast; I went to the door, and found it was open - I pushed it open, and two men came out; I laid hold of them both - I saw them inside the shop: they came out; I seized them both, and called the Police - one escaped, and the prisoner, who was the other, I kept hold of, and delivered him to the Police - the two men were very busy, taking shoes out of their pockets, when I laid hold of them; there was nothing on the pavement when I took hold of them, and I heard nothing drop, but shoes were found on the pavement, which they must have dropped - there were no shoes on the pavement when they came out; I first saw them there at the time I gave the prisoner in charge, which was while I was struggling with him.

On the morning of the 2nd of August I was nearly opposite the shop, when Edwards called Police! I immediately ran across, and found the prisoner struggling with him - he gave him into my charge; I saw a man running up the street, and on looking on the pavement I saw the property laying there at the time I took him into custody; I took the shoes and boots off the pavement, which I produce - I searched the prisoner immediately, and found nothing on him but a bit of sealing-wax; I saw nobody come out of the shop - the struggle was the first I saw.

These shoes and boots are mine, and what I left in my shop that night - my initials are on some of them; I have had them three weeks or a month, and some of them nearly six months. I was out of work for six weeks, and went to a person who promised to give me work - as I returned home I heard a cry of Police! I ran up, and saw this man with a man in custody - I went up, and he said"You are one of them;" the one he held then struck him, and got away - he then seized me, and said, "You are one of them. John of Wapping, and stealing, therein 2 watches, value 13l.

I am a watch and clock-maker , and live at No. John, Wapping. On the 26th of July, between three and four o'clock in the afternoon, I lost two watches and two silver thimbles from my shop - I was in the back room, adjoining my shop, and was alarmed by a noise; I ran to the side door, which communicates with the back room where I was, and not seeing any thing particular; I returned, and Mr.

Linklater brought Jones into the shop, and I received one of my watches from him; I went to the window and missed another watch - I went to the station-house, where the other prisoner was, but it was not found there; I returned to my shop, and found the other watch under a loose sheet of paper on my counter - Jones had been about a yard from that spot when he was brought into the shop; I missed nothing but two watches and two thimbles from the window.

I am a provision-merchant, and live at No. On the day in question I was in my counting-house, which is opposite Corsan's - I saw Jones and Smith standing before Mr. Corsan's window; I saw Jones pull the wire guard of the window towards him, so as to admit Smith's hand between the guard and window; I then saw a pane of glass fall inside the shopSmith put his hand in, and unhooked two watches; they went away, and when they got opposite our warehouse, I went out and caught Jones; Smith immediately ran away, and Hagan, a lighterman, went after him - I took Jones into Corsan's; Judge, the officer, came in - when I took Jones in he pulled a watch from his pocket, and put it on the counter; I took it up, and gave it to Corsan - I saw two thimbles fall on the floor from Jones, he was taken to the station-house.

I was not near the window. I am quite sure he was - I was observing them for about a quarter of an hour; they were about the window all that time - they occasionally went into a public-house, which is next door to Corsan's. I am a Thames Police-surveyor. I happened to be next door to Corsan's - I went into the shop on hearing the alarm, and found Jones in charge of Linklater - I took him, and received the watch from Mr.

Corsan, and inside the window I found a piece of glass, which exactly fitted where it had been cut out. I was in Mr. Linklater's counting-house - I saw Smith and Jones at Mr. Corsan's window for about ten minutes; I saw Smith with his hand in the window - he seemed to be taking the watches, and giving them to Jones; I went out with Mr. Linklater, and Smith ran away - I ran after him, hallooing out, and a baker stopped him near Wapping church; I did not lose sight of him; Watts, the Policeman, took him in custody to the station-house.

I saw Smith in the custody of Hagan, and took him to the station.

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Here is the watch I found on the counter - it was in the window, hanging with the other before, and the thimbles just below them. Smith's Defence. I went over the water to look for a ship, and coming up Wapping I met a friend, who gave me something to drink - not being used to it it overcame me; I went by this place - the gentleman ran after me, and said I had been stealing a watch - I had not been near See original the place; I had been into a public-house next door, as the gentleman gave me 2s.

Leonard, Shoreditch, and stealing 1 watch, value 2l. Leonard, Shoreditch ; the prisoner Fisher's mother lodged in my house. On Sunday afternoon, the 2nd of September, I went out between half-past five and six o'clock, and left all the doors locked; I returned between eight and half-past eight, and found the outer door apparently as I had left it, but on going through the shop, into a little room, the door of which I had left open, I found that door shut, and on entering that room I missed several articles - I suppose persons must have got in by false keys; I think they must have got in at the doors.

Last Sunday, between six and seven o'clock in the evening, I saw the prisoners in company, and kept my eyes on them; they separated; Trevillian and Fisher went away in a direction towards Mr.

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Girling's house - they were about fifty yards from it when they left Robins; that was about half-past six o'clock - I did not see where they went to; I saw Robins standing at the corner of the street - I do not know the name of the street; he was in the street in which Girling lives, and was standing at the corner of another street - he was in sight of Girling's house; I cannot tell where Trevillian and Fisher went - I saw them together again about seven o'clock; all three - I afterwards stopped them; they had then got about four hundred yards further; I stopped Trevillian, the other two were stopped in my presence by two Policemen - I searched Trivillian, and found nothing on him which Girling claims; I found nothing but a silk handkerchief and a tobacco-box on him.

I was with Taylor, and took Robins - I searched him, and found a piece of linen cloth, measuring twenty yards, and a 5s. I apprehended Fisher, and searched him - I found on him nearly all the property which was stolen; I know nothing against the other prisoners - I found, three keys on Fisher, and a broken knife; two of the keys open an inner door, leading to the shop, but none of them open the outer door, where they got in, as I suppose. I saw Robins enter Mr.

Girling's house- he went in at the private door, between six and seven o'clock - I cannot say whether it was open; the door leads up to Fisher's mother's room - it is not the door which was broken open; there is a shop door and a private door - I saw him come out again in a few minutes; I did not see him bring any thing out with him - he came out alone; I did not see Fisher come out. My shop door was fastened inside - they must have got in at the private door; I had left that door locked - this is my linen; I believe it to be part of a piece belonging to my wife - I lost a piece similar to it- I have no mark on it; the paper, these halfpence were in, resembles what I tied them up in, but I cannot swear to it - I lost a 5s.

Fisher's mother lodged with you? Yes; she had no key - she went out about half-past three o'clock; I went out between five and six o'clock, and left nobody in the house; I have no servant - it was on Sunday; the shop door was shut, and fastened inside - Mrs. Fisher had no servant; I believe the prisoner is her son - I did not go into her room to see if any body remained there; it was not likely - she did not have many visiters; Fisher did not live there - he was there on Sunday morning; there are two keys to the private door, one for the lock and another for the latch; I have them both - I was at the public-house opposite all the while, taking tea with Orchard, the landlord, and had told Mrs.

Fisher the keys would be there if she wanted to get in. Was any inner door unlocked?

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  8. The door between the staircase and shop was opened, I suppose - I had left it locked, and found it locked when I returned; nobody could get at the property without unlocking that door, unless they got in at the window which was not open - if any body had got in at it I should have seen some traces, and it could not be opened from the outside - I lost a necklace, a pair of bracelets, two half-sovereigns, and about 2l. He had the linen concealed in a handkerchief; every body could see he had a handkerchief with something in it. Trevillian's Defence. About three o'clock on Sunday, after Mr.

    Robins and I had dinner, we were walking out, and met Fisher in Shepherd and Shepherdess-walk - he said to us, "Where are you going? See original Before Mr.